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Sarah | March 9th, 2014

Here Is What The Experts Say About MBSC Thrive Personal Training

Ranked the No. 1 Gym in America by Men’s Health Magazine.
Ranked the No. 1 Gym in America by the activetimes.com.



“We would be hard-pressed to find someone who has contributed more to the science and practice of keeping athletes healthy and performing at high levels than Michael Boyle.”  Eric Cressey, Cressey Performance

“Mike Boyle is the Godfather of performance training, a guy who has influenced countless others to become efficient and effective strength and conditioning coaches. He’s a real-life practitioner, one with the experience of literally thousands of clients over the years.”  Robert dos Remedios, CSCS, SCCC, 2006 NSCA Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Professional of the Year

“Michael Boyle’s lifetime of daily dedication to increasing his knowledge, digesting the information into sustainable systems he passionately implements with his own hands is the true secret to success.” Mark Verstegen, President/Founder Athlete’s Performance, Creator of the Core Performance System

Here is What Club 7 members are saying about MBSC Thrive Personal Training!

“It amazes me how much my strength and flexibility have improved in such a short amount of time. Thank you, Matt and everyone at Club 7 Fitness who make Thrive possible. It’s truly a life changing experience!” Lisa Wynne age 43

“I am so proud to say that at the end of my 12 weeks with Thrive, I had lost 20 pounds and 19 inches. It truly has been my year for ’40 and Fabulous!’ Through the Thrive program, I not only received the personal training I needed to reach a physical goal, but was given the skills and motivation to make life changes that will continue to keep me going on this new and healthy path.” Heather Wilson age 40

“I do not mind stating I am 57 years old…I decided to join the Thrive program and work with a trainer two days/week. Here are the amazing outcomes I have seen: I can walk up 3 long flights of stairs and not get short of breath, I can lift more weight than in the past few years, I have more energy, I do not have knee pain going up and down stairs, My blood pressure is lower than previously, My blood sugars are more stable at a lower blood sugar, I am sleeping better at night, I have lost at least 10 pounds, which is a nice added bonus to all of the above. I would highly recommend the Thrive program.” Twila Buckner age 57

“Thrive! GREAT WORKOUT! In 8 short weeks (3 times a week) my endurance, core strength, flexibility, and power all positive gains! Even my negatives all positives; weight -12 lbs, waist down 2.5 inches, and % body fat down. The results, Thrive don’t lie!” Lyron Arthur age 42

“Today I am 20 weeks into it and I have lost 21lbs since that day (about 80 since the day I delivered the twins) I lost 16 inches and 7% body fat. I have done it all with diet and exercise. I have been doing the Thrive Program here at Club 7 with trainers Ryan Dent and Jim Bartlett. I have gone from a solid size 12 to a 4. I haven’t been a size 4 since early high school! Plus when I started I couldn’t even do one push up and here I am doing 37 in one sitting! This program is amazing and I would love to talk to any of you about it!” Amanda Holdcroft Brown age 34

“Thrive dramatically improved my balance, agility, endurance and confidence in just 2 months. I can hardly wait to live the difference that I will have achieved after 6 months!” Judi Haworth age 61

“I feel that Thrive has significantly helped me with my overall strength and endurance. I’m stronger than I was before and it has actually helped me with my distance running. I have also noticed a big difference in my core strength. The performance testing every other month really motivates me to work harder in the thrive room.” Chandra Kent, age 26

“I find Thrive to be challenging and I really like the variety of movements which keeps my body guessing from workout to workout.” Johnathon Eggert, 24

“I like the variety of the exercises. I really feel like I get a challenging and fun workout. I get total body conditioning every time I come in here.” Matt Sams, 27

“I found that I am more accountable here than when I tried working out on my own. I have a busy schedule and I appreciate the scheduling flexibility I have experienced. My core is getting stronger and I have already noticed my waistline is shrinking.” Brant Garrison, 35

“I love the combination of modern and conventional training techniques, the individualized plan, the support from trainers and members and THE RESULTS!!” Bianca Di Carlo, 21

“I like the personal attention I get from the trainer. I’ve lost over 50lbs and gained a lot of strength. I recently hurt my back at work and my doctor was amazed at how quickly I bounced back. He is convinced that it is due to the core workouts I get here at Thrive.” Mike Kline, 40

“I’ve been a Thrive member for 6 months and am surprised at the changes. Not only in weight in inches but also in energy at the end of the day! A year ago shoveling six inches of snow was exhausting and I had to take many breaks. This winter I was able to shovel the entire driveway with no breaks and it felt good to get the workout in!” Almeda Smith, 31

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