Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Medication – 5 Tips From The Mayo Clinic

Sarah | January 27th, 2012
Lifestyle is probably the number one contributor to high blood pressure and modifying that behavior can be the number one way of reducing it. You can lower your blood pressure naturally and either avoid going on medication or reducing the dosage if you are already prescribed.
Your blood pressure problem didn’t pop up overnight it took years of less than healthy living to get to the point where it could risk your life. Conversely, lowering your blood pressure naturally takes the same amount of time. You have to have patience and you have to have a commitment to a healthier, longer life.
Are you ready?
Here are 5 quick tips from the famous Mayo Clinic to help you get started:
  1. Watch your waistline. Obesity, which is endemic in the United States is a leading cause of not only high blood pressure but diabetes as well. Losing weight, even as little as ten pounds, can have a significant impact on your blood pressure and, if you’re on medication, can allow that medication to work more efficiently meaning your dosage may be reduced.
If you’re a man and your waistline is 40 or more inches you are a prime target for high blood pressure. For whatever reason, belly fat is more dangerous than fat that forms on other parts of the body. For women the danger begins at 35 inches.
  1. Exercise – You don’t have to be a health Nazi. The Mayo Clinic says that even 10 minutes of light aerobic exercise like walking can be beneficial. However, to get the best results 30 to 45 minutes daily is recommended. Exercise is the fastest way to naturally reduce your blood pressure. Exercise also allows you to burn off the chemicals in your bloodstream that are the result of stress giving you an additional benefit.
  1. Diet and salt consumption. Americans love fatty foods which is why they suffer way more heart disease than Mediterranean or Asian populations. Fast food joints are easy to spot as fat bombs but regular restaurants with “healthy” foods can turn out to be salt mines as well.
The recommended daily allowance for sodium is 2300 mg. To give you a perspective, a level teaspoon of salt contains 2300 mg. If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, if you are over 50 or if you are an African American the daily allowance is 1500 mg.
Salt is everywhere in the American diet thanks to processed foods and restaurants that dole it out by the bucketful. Read labels and substitute spices for flavoring. Fresh foods are your best bet.
  1. Watch the booze. A little alcohol, 1 drink per day for women and 2 for men, can actually be beneficial. But any benefit is forfeited if you drink more. People who don’t drink through the week and then go on binges on the weekend are placing themselves at risk. You can’t “accumulate points” for days that you don’t drink.
  1. Get support from family and friends. Changes in lifestyle are not easy and you have to have an iron will if you attempt to do it without the help of others. Talk it up with your family and explain what you are doing and why. Having the support of family and friends can make the task easier than going it alone.
Keeping a record of your exercise, food and alcohol intake can be a real eye opener for most. Develop a plan that includes realistic goals for exercise and diet and then work the plan. Reducing high blood pressure without medication will free you not only from a life threatening disease, but the potentially serious side effects of the high blood pressure pharmaceuticals. Isn’t that worth it?
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