March Newsletter 2013

Sarah | March 20th, 2013
I hope everyone is making progress on their New Year’s Health and wellness resolutions.  If you are one of the  lucky ones that accomplished the goals you set for yourself a few months ago than take yourself out for a nice dinner or reward yourself with something you have wanted to do for awhile but hadn’t took the time and then RAISE the bar and set new goals!  If you are on the other side of your New Year’s resolutions (the side I’m on) It’s been a struggle for you, your motivation is down, at best your staying constant maybe even regressing, just take a step back, renew your mind, think about the good things that physical activity, good meal choices, and positive encouragement does for your quality of life.  Refocus on making fitness a priority again, get help from our staff to re-motivate you and lets get moving forward again!  Don’t beat yourself up.  Choose to change!  We are being RESPONSIBLE not SELFISH when we prioritize health and fitness in our lives and in our families lives!


The Perx Program is going strong.  If you haven’t stopped by the front desk to get your Perx Advantage card yet please do, so you can start enjoying another Club 7 benefit of being fit.  Discounts on goods and services throughout our local community.  If you have or know of a local business that could benefit from some free advertising please have them call, email or stop by and see me.  For a list of businesses currently enrolled in our program please visit the Perx Advantage App for itunes or Google Play or click here to go to our Perx website.  We are adding merchants weekly.  My goal is 100 local merchants by the end of the year. If you are in need of any of the services represented on the app or looking for a place to eat, I would encourage you to try these businesses and if you like the food or receive great service, please refer them to a friend.  Local economies are built by small business and a lot of these places are sole proprietors just having a passion for what they do.  This is a great program and its an honor to serve the community that we live and raise our families in.  It keeps the dollars local to improve our local community and economy.


I want to continue to thank all of you for your continued referrals.  Without all of you taking ownership in Club 7 we wouldn’t be where we are today.  A lot of great upgrades and fine tuning planned for this year.  This summer we will be celebrating our 5th Year Anniversary!  We’ll have a heck of a parking lot block party for sure!  More on that to come.  Have a great month everyone!  Spring is coming, don’t slow down now!  Keep moving forward!


Matthew and Sarah Inman

Club 7 Fitness

Blue Springs, Mo

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