Message from Matt

Sarah | May 30th, 2012

Message from Matt,
My passion is always talking to members about their health and fitness goals and how they are doing on their pursuit of them.  Trying to answer any questions they may have, giving them any insight I can to help them along or connecting them with the right person who can help them further.  I here so many people talk about reaching a certain weight goal, or how discouraged they are if the scale is stuck on a current number or they just don’t feel like they are loosing like they should.  Please be encouraged in this, just because the number on the scale isn’t dropping doesn’t mean you are not continually improving your health, moving toward your goal and ultimately improving the quality of your life.  In many cases you are building lean muscle, decreasing body fat percentages, stopping the onset of many diseases and improving the quality and length of your life.  Stay focused, stay committed, get help when you need it, and REACH YOUR GOALS!

Wishing you health and happiness,

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